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This is dangerous I know this shouldnt exist but here you go have fun :)
Do the format without the SD card please please please, or just skip every section except for the Safety Test and the last one and dont delete files??? like the gm9 folder and stuff where your otp.mem/otp.bin is, which is very important

not doing this may result in a brick. I havent tried and I dont want to install boot9strap along with arm9loaderhax

What you need

Section I - Prep Work

  1. Create a folder called 3ds on your SD card if it doesnt exist already
  2. Put udsploit.3dsx and safehax.3dsx into the 3ds folder
  3. Put the a9lh folder from the data\_input\ on your SD card root
  4. Put the arm9loaderhax.bin from the SafeA9LHInstaller.7z on your SD card root, rename it to safehaxpayload.bin
  5. Put the arm9loaderhax.bin from the Luma3DS.7z on your SD card root
  6. Put the payload\_stage1.bin, payload\_stage1.bin.sha,payload\_stage2.bin and payload\_stage2.bin.sha from the release.7z to the a9lh folder on your SD card
  7. Add the otp.mem/otp.bin to the a9lh folder, rename the file to otp.bin if its named otp.mem
  8. Put the otherapp.bin on your SD card root, replace if asked
  9. Put the soundhax-region-model-post5.0.m4a on your SD card root.

Section II - Launching the Homebrew Launcher

  1. Reinsert your SD card into your device
  2. Power on your device
  3. Launch Nintendo 3DS Sound
    • If you’ve never opened Nintendo 3DS Sound before and get tips on how to use it from a bird icon, go through all of the bird tips, then close the app normally and relaunch it. In this situation, launching Soundhax immediately would cause these tips to appear on every launch of the Nintendo 3DS Sound until this is done
  4. Go to /SDCARD, then play “<3 nedwill 2016”

Section III - Installing arm9loaderhax

  1. Launch udsploit from the list of homebrew
    • If it fails, make sure you have an active internet connection
  2. Press (Start) to return to the Homebrew Launcher3. Launch safehax from the list of homebrew
    • If it fails, and you restored an old nand backup to return to 9.0 to 11.3, restore the nand again after reinstalling cfw with soundhax normally, but this time, a FULL RESTORE
  3. Wait for all safety checks to pass
  4. Press (Select) for a full install
  5. Press any button to reboot
  6. You should reboot into the Luma configuration screen
  7. Select Autoboot SysNAND and Show NAND or user string in System settings
and thats it.