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Required Reading

This creates a NAND backup. YOU WILL WANT TO CREATE ONE
Then it will downgrade your SYSTEM
I recommend 9.0.0-20 because it works. for me. FOR european N3DS systems, use 9.2.0-20E, i have not tested it but it should work

Compability notes

tested on o3ds eur
should work eur/jap/usa all models

What you need

Section I - Creating a NAND backup

  1. Press and hold (Start), and while holding (Start), power on your device. This will launch GodMode9
  2. Press (Home) to bring up the action menu
  3. Select “Scripts…”
  4. Select “GM9Megascript”
  5. Select “Backup Options”
  6. Select “SysNAND Backup”
  7. Press (A) to confirm
    • This process will take some time
    • If you get an error, make sure that you have at least 1.3GB of free space on your SD card
  8. Press (A) to continue
  9. Press (B) to return to the main menu
  10. Select “Exit”
  11. Press (A) to relock write permissions if prompted
  12. Hold (R) and press (Start) at the same time to power off your device
  13. Insert your SD card into your computer
  14. Copy <date>_<serialnumber>_sysnand_##.bin and essential.exefs from the /gm9/out/ folder on your SD card to a safe location on your computer
    • Make backups in multiple locations (such as online file storage)
    • These backups will save you from a brick and/or help you recover files from the NAND image if anything goes wrong in the future

Section II - Downgrading to a funny version

  1. Copy the updates folder to your SD card root
  2. Insert your SD card into the device
  3. Press and hold (Start), and while holding (Start), power on your device. This will launch GodMode9
  4. Enter the 0: SD CARD (your label) drive
  5. Go to the updates folder.
  6. Hover over the first .cia file
  7. Hold (L) and use Down (D-Pad) until you are at the end.
  8. Press (A)
  9. Select “CIA image options…”
  10. Press (A) to confirm
  11. Unlock level 1 writing
  12. Relock level 1 writing
  13. Press (Start) to reboot.
    • If you are in the Home menu, the Downgrade was successful. If you are not in the Home menu, you should do a FULL RESTORE of the NAND backup you made to go back to the original version. That will 100% eliminate the “soft-brick”. If not, ask in the Nintendo Homebrew Discord for assistance
  14. Launch System Settings
    • If you see Sys(or Ver.) 9.0.0-20(your region)(or 9.2.0), the downgrade to 9.0.0(or 9.2.0) was successful.
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